God bless Texas

An odd fact about me: since high school I’ve held an obsessive fascination with Texas. Until last month, I had never set foot there, and didn’t know anyone from Texas until college. Yet somehow I knew in my heart of hearts that I had to live there. Maybe it was a combo of great advertising, watching old Westerns with my dad, and a healthy crush on tacos and bbq. But the more people I befriended who hailed from Texas, the cooler it seemed. Binge-watching Friday Night Lights didn’t hurt either <3.

Well last month, my dreams came true. My friend and I decided to take a spontaneous 16 hour road trip from KY to TX. When I say spontaneous I mean we decided on Friday, booked our airbnb’s on Saturday, and drove down on Monday.We hit up Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin (w the majority of our time spent in Austin). You guys, it was EVERYTHING and we’ve been plotting ways to get back ever since. We got to meet up with some our med school friends who were back home in Dallas for summer break as well as one of my dearest college friends living and working in Austin. I couldn’t recommend road-tripping with friends more, especially ones that you vibe really well with. On the ride there, we listened to almost all of the Serial podcast, taking breaks for T-Swift jam sessions and which-would-you-rather scenarios (which natural disaster would you rather die from, a hurricane or wildfire?). Our Texas adventures consisted of drinking green smoothies by day and local beers by night, soaking in all the hipster vibes from Deep Ellum to East Austin, admiring the never-ending and sometimes strange public art, all the coffee always, thrift store and vintage browsing in South Congress, Dirty Sixth-ing it up, dancing w strangers in a honky tonk, eating A LOT (of Torchy’s tacos, Gourdough’s donuts, and Salt Lick BBQ mmmm), remembering the Alamo, splashing around in Barton Springs, hiking the Greenbelt and Mount Bonnell, being simultaneously terrified and amazed at the the thousands of bats under Congress Bridge, and lots of evening strolls. Perhaps one of the best parts of this trip was the spontaneity. So my family loves traveling, and we do a lot of it, but we also love planning. This Texas trip was the exact opposite of planned. When a tropical storm was approaching Dallas, we hit the road for Austin. When we felt like tacos, we got them. When MK had to fly home for a family emergency, I got sole custody of Jimmy (her car) for the 18 hour solo trip back home (subtext: lots of Beyonce happened). When we were itching to line dance, we googled the nearest honky tonk. When you enjoy the company you’re with, almost anything can be an adventure, even if it’s just sitting on a bench and people watching. I hereby resolve to embark on more spontaneous adventures. Join me friends; let’s live our lives with somewhat emptier itineraries! Our experiences may be fuller for it. Pictures below for your visual pleasure.

xoxoDSC_1387 DSC_1401 DSC_1417 IMG_1885 IMG_2187 IMG_2198 IMG_2209 IMG_2211 IMG_2225 IMG_2233


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