“Nice to meet you, where you been?”

Bonus points for you, dear reader, if you sang the title of this post [my very first one!!] to the tune of “Blank Space” by America’s sweetheart, T-swift herself.

Hello world! Welcome to my new blog, where I will attempt to coherently type my thoughts onto blank spaces and send them out into the terrifying world wide web. I am many things, but for this blog I am an Asian-American gal living in my home state of Kentucky attending medical school. Born and raised in the bluegrass state, I’ve happily returned to KY after a four year hiatus in Chicago (aka college) and a brief post-grad stint in San Francisco.

Though a science-loving nerd, I’ve always enjoyed writing. A liberal arts education forces you to write (essays upon essays), and my post-grad job was all about writing (healthcare journalism). Yet since med school kicked in, I haven’t had the space or made the time to write for pleasure. So here (two months too late to be a New Years resolution) I will attempt to carve out the space and time to practice writing again. You may find the occasional photo(s) of my adventures along the way. This process is mainly for me, but you are more than welcome to follow along (please do!). Here, I’ll cover a lot of ground: my trials and travails as a med student; Asian-American identity in a culturally southern, racially white space; and my awkward navigation through budding adulthood. When I’m not studying biochem pathways or disease pathology, you’ll probably find me binge-watching Netflix, eating all the donuts I can find, making a mess in my kitchen, or working on my crow’s pose (read: still a yoga amateur).

As dear T-swizzle would say: “So it’s gonna be forever / Or it’s gonna go down in flames.”

Yours truly,


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